Murder on the Dublin Express

“All aboard” the Belfast- Dublin Express *. The journey on this glamorous train attracts fascinating passengers, and right up to today, few guests disembark without a story to tell. Whether its anecdotes swapped over cocktails or fleeting conversations in the corridors, it is invariably the people, as much as the places, that provide the most interesting stories to take home.

Many dubious characters have just boarded the train from Belfast Central Station as the “Express” invitingly rolls towards Dublin. This may be the “end of the line” for someone or the start of a “new beginning” for others”.

Will bottles of champagne be opened to celebrate or will the “emergency stop” be pulled before the Express gets to its destination - Dublin city?

Travellers on board are Lord and Lady Cambridge, conductors, thiefs, stable -hands, neighbours, newlyweds, lawyer, ruthless business men, tenants and antique dealers - to name but a few. Only you can derail them.

* This game does not actually happen on the Dublin Express - it is only a title - but the story is based around a journey from Belfast to Dublin. The game can be held in the usual venues e.g. houses, venues, function rooms etc.

Murder on the Dublin Express