How It Works - Typical murder mystery party protocol

  • Everyone receives their characters two weeks before event.

  • On the date - Task envelopes are received by each individual from MM and the game is introduced.

  • Each guest finds out from these packs what their character knows about other guests.

  • About 30 - 40 minutes into the investigation (depending on numbers participating) the murder is committed and the scene is set for effect with some clues on how the murder was committed.

  • After you have investigated the murder scene - everyone mingles and starts investigating with another set of clues given out by MM.

  • 15 minutes of sleuthing continues as the detective gathers up the clues from various individuals in the room.

  • The inspector will then explain to everyone what (s)he has found out?

  • Guests are given copies of the clues and split into groups to deliberate on “who dun-it”.

  • MM gives out voting cards and everyone notes who they think did it, best actor, best dressed and their own wealth.

  • The Inspector will reveal the solution and certificates will be awarded

NOTE; No-one has to get up and act their “character” at any stage to the rest of the guests/characters. There is no obligation to have to act but just to participate and enjoy. How much acting is very much up to each individual's discretion!

*Note pads, pens and name badges are supplied by the event organiser.