Flappers Revenge

Murder Mystery Games Northern Ireland NI : Flappers Revenge

The roaring twenties are in full swing and the place to be seen is The Cotton Club in Chicago. It is a lavish joint with the fashionable music of the time playing (classy jazz music) and the dances ‘to die for' are the Charleston, Baltimore Buzz, the Foxtrot and the Black Bottom.

With gangsters, hit women, flappers, private investigators, jazz singers, molls, waitresses and many other interesting guests in attendance, there is sure to be a lot of deals being made throughout the event.

However not all is ‘swinging' as a new gang has arrived in town and they have upset the status quo and everyone's game plan. So gals grab your bags and help us to solve who murdered Pixie Mosillo at the famous speakeasy – The Cotton Club.

A chance to dress up, as the theme for this not-to-be missed event is the most fashionable flappers outfit from the 1920's.

*Suitable for hen nights or an all ladies event. Minimum 10 ladies required to ensure plot works.