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Murder Mystery Northern Ireland Games & Events feature original and witty stories created by an expert team of murder mystery writers and host unusual larger than life characters played by your own personal choice of friends invited to the event.

Our combination of interactive improvisation and scripted scenes means guests are free to get involved as little or as much as they like, creating the perfect blend of fun, involvement and theatre to provide entertainment to die for!

Guests remain in character throughout the murder mystery for maximum blood curdling entertainment in our inimitable "there's been a murder" event.

There are various themed types of murder mystery games available which can be from 1920s to modern day living and we can cater for 12 to 80 plus people at an event.

Why choose a Murder Mystery event?

Northern Ireland NI Murder Mystery Games EventsMurder mystery events are fun but also have a good solid and intriguing plot. Guests are encouraged to join in as much as they wish as this is their chance to act a fictional character.

Murder mystery has always been a popular form of entertainment; be it through the books of Agatha Christie or more modern day authors – Midsummer Murders or CSI. With this in mind a Murder Mystery has a very broad appeal.

Most people these days feel on fairly safe ground whilst unravelling some crime plot or other.

If you are looking to organise a murder mystery theme - our friendly team will help you plan every last detail. We understand the pressures that come with organising events; however it is our job as party planners to ensure all the stress is taken away from you.

An event lasts approximately 2-3 hours and is ideal for private events, for entertainment at home for close friends, private stag or hen nights, anniversary, team building or birthday parties. Team building can help with ...

  • Morale boosting
  • Breaking down barriers
  • Negotiating
  • Planning
  • Flexibility 
  • Decision making
  • Time management
  • Communication
  • Great fun!

Typical murder mystery party protocol

  • Everyone receives their characters two weeks before the event.

  • When you arrive; Task envelopes are received by each individual from MM and the game is introduced.

  • Each guest finds out from these packs what their character knows about other guests.

  • About  40 minutes into the investigation (depending on numbers participating) the murder is committed and the scene is set for effect with some clues on how the murder was committed.

  • After you have investigated the murder scene - everyone mingles and starts investigating with another set of clues given out by MM.

  • 15 minutes of sleuthing continues as the detective gathers up the clues from various individuals in the room.

  • The detective will then explain to everyone what (s)he has found out?

  • Guests are given copies of the clues and split into groups to deliberate on “who dun-it”.

  • MM gives out voting cards and everyone notes who they think did it, best actor, best dressed and their own wealth.

  • The detective will reveal the solution and certificates will be awarded

NOTE; No-one has to get up and act their “character” at any stage to the rest of the guests/characters. There is no obligation to have to act but just to participate and enjoy. How much acting is very much up to each individual's discretion!

*Note pads, pens and name badges are supplied by the event organiser.

Murder Mystery Event Venues

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