Your selected Murder Mystery Evening will consist of an investigation of a murder which has happened or is about to happen during the game; depending on the game selected

Murder mystery events are fun but also have a good solid and intriguing plot. Guests are encouraged to join in as much as they wish as this is their chance to act a fictional character.

There are various themed types of murder mystery games available which can be from medieval to modern day living and we can cater for 12 to 40 + people at an event.

We can also cater for non-buffet or buffet venues at a chosen location.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Murder Mystery Evening?

Your selected Murder Mystery Evening will consist of an investigation of a murder which has happened or is about to happen during the game; depending on the game selected.

What do you provide?

For your murder mystery we include;

  • The game plan
  • Invitations addressed and posted to your guest's
  • Clue-Packs for each guest organised and issued on night
  • Name Tags
  • Fake Money - if applicable to game
  • Props - if applicable to game
  • List of friends attending and their appointed characters for your reference
  • Photographs of your guests participating in the game on a CD disc.

How many people can I bring to my event?

We can arrange a private murder mystery evening for any group of 12 to 40+ people.

Do you need a stage?

Due to the interactive nature of our events, your guests are your characters and your audience rolled into one as they are participating in the event. You require very little extra room and we are used to working in your home, restaurants, function rooms, & village halls. Extra cost is usually incurred when hiring a hotel or pub function room. To keep your costs down – hire a small hall out, meeting room or even hold the event in your own house.
NOTE : Our speciality is in your own house - so no extra cost of hiring a venue.

Do my guests get given characters?

All the characters are played by your guests. There are NO actors hired in to play the plot of the game. Instead - each person you invite will get a unique character to play i.e. Mayor, Model, Celebrity, Banker, Golfer, Tailor, Hairdresser, Diva, Jewel Thief, Butcher, Vampire, Mechanic, Engineer, Gardener, Baroness, Werewolf etc ( depending on what game is chosen) with objectives to do throughout the night with the other guests. One of your guests will be the murdered victim - if the murder occurs in the middle of the game - they can still play in the game after the murder by taking up another character or becoming a ghost of the character. We do not take anyone - especially the victim - out of game play whatsoever. We believe in fun for everyone and that is why the victim doesn't know they are the victim and the murderer doesn't know they are the murderer - until they arrive and open their Clue-pack on the night.

Do my guests have to dress up?

It depends on the plot; some plots require dressing up and others can optionally have a dress code. It is advised to dress up as it gives the game a good atmosphere. Let us know what you want and we'll advise you which plots are most appropriate.

How do I play?

Playing is a little like starring in your own movie - although how your movie ends depends on you and the other guests. There is no pre-determined script - how you decide to tackle your goals is entirely up to you. The most important skill is the ability to hold a conversation. You will need to talk or eavesdrop to the other players to find out who they are and whether they will help or oppose you. Some of the characters you may know a little about already, but some will be unknown to you. Information is the key to achieving your objectives so you should aim to talk to everyone. Of course, you may need to reveal information known only to you in order to get information from another player. You will also have an ability that gives you an advantage against other characters in certain situations. The other players also have abilities that they may use against you! This information will be in your Clue-pack on arrival.

Is there a prize?

Certificates are issued to the best actor, best detective, your wealth and best dressed. There is also a surprise certificate for the murderer if they are not apprehended by the rest of the group, but you may like to provide a prize such as; murder mystery crime book or a box of chocolates to go along with these certificates.

Is there only one murderer?

Yes. The plot is complicated enough without having to cope with conspiracies.

What are the usual timings for an event?

Our usual format for an evening would be over the time period of 2 to 3 hours.

What plots do you have?

Check the Games page for a brief description of games available. There should be a theme to suit and we will be happy to give you further information of each theme or advise you on which plots might be most suitable for your event.

We are now catering for children's games. Check out the Games page for updates on new games.

Can you put the game in the post for me?

The purpose of this site is to be automated. We solely write a brief on the game and then it is up to you if you would like us to run the game for you. We take the stress from you by organising and running the whole game from the invitations until saying "murder solved". If you are interested in a certain game please do not hesitate in contacting us so we can explain the game more in detail as it is only a brief introduction to it on the website.

What does the host do?

Generally the host just sits back and enjoys or they can participate as one of the characters. It is up to the host to decide on the most suited date, time & venue, give us names & addresses of who is to be invited and generally act as host on the day. We take the stress out of it for you.

What is the average age of guests at one of your events?

We have had guests from 15 years old to 75 years young of age. Children's games start at 8 years of age upwards. There is no limit to age when there is a murder to solve. Due to the intensity of some of the crime solving the above mentioned age group is more suited to some of the murder mysteries on offer.

Do you provide a buffet?

No. If you're a host - with chef abilities, you might like to prepare your own food or contact the venue you plan to hold the event in and they may cater for your needs for a small fee.

My friend and I would like to participate in a game. Where can we join in on a game?

Some venues do host games e.g. Speckled Hen Restaurant, Lisburn - Bannville House Hotel, Banbridge -  The Jungle etc. Keep an eye on News/Venue page. This will be updated weekly on any venues running a game in Northern Ireland.

Do you book accommodation i.e. hotel and a meal ?

No - we do not provide a package for accommodation and meals.

Are you permitted to drink alcohol?

This is up to you and the venue which you choose for the game. Local pubs and hotels have a license to provide alcohol.