Murder at the High School Reunion

They're taking Higher Education to a new low!

It's was more than a high school. It was an intuition for leaders, a hotbed for anarchy, ill-discipline and the academic results were at your own discretion! But for the students who didn't fit in, this was a place where everyone was accepted. Subjects included; crime, extortion, dishonesty, petty fraud and of course thief. “Confidence trickery” was always the ace card when all else failed at this establishment.

Organised by yours truly – who will have something to prove? Could it be the head boy who is running for First Minister or the acclaimed film actress who cannot act? Who is concealing what and why are classmates annoyed at a certain film released in their name. With this high school reunion – the mayhem, of the past will spill over to the present.

Time to reunite with all your old class mates– to see what everyone is doing - or not!

Looking forward to seeing you all there -Head Boy/Girl

Note; This game is for males and females and can be scripted for any year of your choice.